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Welcome to my Stud Farm - Jan Kuśmierkowski.

I established the Stud Farm “KAMA” in 1994, thus making my dream of having my own horses come true. Initially, it was supposed to be some kind of recreation. As the time was passing by, my daughter Kamila started to achieve better and better sport results, it turned to more serious sport hobby.

10 years ago we started regular training sessions supervised by the instructor Wojciech Mickunas. By investing in better and better horses, by achieving successful results and by extending the training facilities, we felt more confident among the group of professional stud farms and competitors.

In 2004 I made another dream come true, by extending my adventure with the sports and horses with combined driving. At that time my other daughter Aneta joined the sportsmen team. Making use of the experienced horses as well as skills and abilities of her older sister and successive instructors, Jan Skoczylas and Marek Markiewicz, she quickly develops her horse riding skills.

From the very beginning of the Stud Farm existence, every June I organize show jumping and combined driving competitions in Dębno. It is quite a large sports-and- entertainment event for the residents of our city.

Our sporting aspirations go far beyond, and at present we are preparing to achieve them being carefully supervised by the instructor, Janusz Bobik. And you will hear about our next successes in the forthcoming years.